Lars Gentsch

Head of Development Unit at Deutsche Post E-Post Development GmbH

Michael has extensive and long-standing experience in the use of agile software development methods. Through his very good knowledge of human nature, his positive thinking and acting and his creative ideas, he actively supports the further development of his environment and the respective organisation. He addresses critical issues, provides potential solutions and options. Working with him is fun, because his extensive knowledge makes him an excellent discussion partner and challenger of own ideas.

Michael Kacprzak

Experienced Agile Coach & Trainer, Head of Operations @ Tidio

I cooperated with Michael for 2 months at Babbel. During that time Michael showed a lot of passion and innovative ideas for process improvement and introducing Lean UX approach. He is an enthusiastic person, always full of ideas of how to do things better. Nice person to work with.

Virginie Caplet

Product Designer at Volkswagen Digital:Lab

Michael is a very stable person who is not scared to challenge his ideas and to leave his comfort zone for the sake of a product and the satisfaction of the users. He is a very inspiring colleague and is always eager to provide to his teammates the safe environment that will invite them to experiment and to find solutions as a team. Despite his highly technical expertise he is totally open and ready to discuss not only design propositions but also design oriented working methods (scenario writing, design studios, etc.). His talent to adapt defines very well the creativity, the dynamism and the very well-structured thinking of Michael.

Dinesh Vasudevan

Senior Software Developer at Blinkist

I have worked with Michael for a year now and it has been an exciting journey. He has a keen eye for quality and has an opinion about development as he comes from a development platform. He understands the complexity of problems, talks to the concerned people to convey the problem in an understandable manner and does a great job with prioritisation and negotiation. He keeps in great touch with the team and strives to ensure that tension and pressure does not affect the team in any manner. He takes upon himself to deliver and constantly communicate and encourage team mates. Thanks Michael!

Thomas Frank

Director Solutions & Projects at Mobility Media GmbH - Bosch Group

Michael worked as CTO for HighEd Solutions, a subsidiary of trommsdorff+drüner. He lead the development of glubal.com with his team of up to 6 developers in an agile development process using Scrum. Core technologies were Ruby on Rails 3 and Postgres SQL. He was also responsible for operations of glubal.com in a cloud environment. He jointly co-worked with product owner, business development and management. Michael is a very strategic working and thinking guy, but has always an eye on details within development. He is expert for Ruby on Rails and other web app stack technologies. He is also an excellent team lead and very organized and solution-focused. He is dedicated to agile development processes, especially scrum and kanban. I really appreciated the work with him - it was really a pleasure.